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Paket İçi Bez Adeti 30
Koli İçi Paket Adeti 2
Koli Hacmi (m3) 0,052
Koli Ağırlığı (kg) 6,20
20 DC Konteyner Koli Adeti 600
40 HC Konteyner Koli Adeti 1400
90 m3 Tır Koli Adeti 1600
Barkodu 8699096960644
1. PolyEthylene latex-free backsheet
2. Special SAP application to middle of core that patient use mostly
3. Extra high leg-cuff to prevent leakage
4. Anti-allergic elastics that fit anatomy of the patient and allow move freely
5. Adhesive frontal and side tapes doble open-close system
6. Green layer that absorb liquid quickly and prevent it back to topsheet
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