sundus baby maxi 38 li ikiz paket bebek bezi

product specifications



Diapers per Pack (pcs) 38
Packs per Bale 4
Bale Volume (m3) 0,036
Bale Weight (kg) 4,50
Bales in 20'DC Container 900
Bales in 40'HC Container 2000
Bales in 90 CUM TIR 2400
Barcode 869909696040



1. Breathable textile outer surface

2. Special extra SAP application for the area used most by the baby

3. Extra raised barriers preventing leakage

4. Anti-allergic rubbers moving suitable for the baby’s anatomy

5. Mechanical front and side band that can be opened and closed for many times

6. Green layer that rapidly absorbs the liquid to send it out to the lower layer and to prevent it from rising to the top

7. Fragrant softness from the cream and perfume




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