pine mini 12 li standart pack baby diapers

product specifications



Diapers per Pack (pcs) 12
Packs per Bale 10
Bale Volume (m3) 0,029
Bale Weight (kg) 2,52
Bales in 20'DC Container 1200
Bales in 40'HC Container 2750
Bales in 90 CUM TIR 3300
Barcode 8699096963225



1. Hook-loop tapes can open-close many times

2. Elastic wings to allow babies move freely

3. Super absorbent particules to absorb liquid quickly

4. Extra absorbent green layer

5. Extra high leg-cuff to prevent leakage

6. Breathable textile backsheet to prevent skin rash

7. Cream aplication with a refreshing scent




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